Jose Perez - vocals
Justin Estes - guitar/vocals
Joe Ruelas - guitar
Sunshine Cantu - Bass
Joe Flores - Drums
Omar Garza - saxophone
DJ "Mongie" - turntables

"Reggae shakin’ booty skankin’ dancehall sensations who know how to do it” Monkies Doin’ it is a band out of Kingsville, Texas. Originating in the late 90’s, the last present member of the group joined in 2002. Monkies Doin’ It, aka MDI, plays an eclectic mix of styles including reggae, blues, dancehall, and jazz forming their own style of music - known to their fans as “pipe music.” With a style all their own, MDI has taken the Kingsville and Corpus Christi music scenes by storm playing all the hottest hang outs for their varied fan base which includes local college kids looking for an entertaining night away from the books. Including a stage show that will blow your mind, MDI is known for their famed dance contests that leave their spectators breathless. Having been nominated for various awards, MDI has won numerous - including the Texas A&M Saint Ella May Award in 2002 and 2003 for best original band and the TAMUK Battle of the Bands in 2004. They have performed with popular Texas artists such as Spoonfed Tribe, Canvas, Hairy ApeS BMX and opened up for grammy-award winning Reggae artist Yellowman. In June ’04 MDI began working on their first self-titled debut album at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Austin, TX. Scheduled for release later this year, nothing can get in the way of this innovative album sure to please everyone from young to old. Monkies Doin’ It consists of seven members: Jose Perez (vocals, guitar and trombone), Justin Estes (vocals, guitar), Jose Ruelas (guitar), Sunshine Cantu (bass), Mongie (D.J.), Omar Garza (sax) and Joe Flores (drums).


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