January 18, 2006

New shows posted in the Shows section. Also, if you haven't been paying attention, head on over to Myspace and join the good times.

July 21, 2005

Monkies Doin' It is hittin' up Pedernales studio from August 8-11 to put the finishing touches on our long awaited album. We will be working with da man--Steve Chadie once again. We have predicted that our album will be mastered by October....We will keep you guys updated as the months go on. Until then we have plenty of shows coming up at Rockits, the Executive Surf Club, da Lizard Lounge and Sam's Burger Joint. We hope to see you guys out and dancin' at the shows. Good Times.

July 1, 2005

Monkies Doin’ It would like to thank everybody involved with making our 3rd annual BBQ bash a success. A huge thanks goes out to the following people: Fusion, Herb n Pipeline, The Raspas, Thwarted, Freakstarr, Lucy, Stephanie, Ciro, and Deandra Ruelas, Javier for the tables, Erica, Eve, Jamie, Millie, and Reeva-our lovely shot ladies, Sean for working the door, All the guys who went and got ice- keepin’ the kegs nice and cold, Nigel from art techniques, Monty for providing another bad ass sound job, our friends, and our fans…The list goes on and on…All money raised will go to finishing our long awaited album...Definitely good times once again!

June 5, 2005

Monkies Doin' It will be hosting their 3rd annual BBQ and Music Bash on Saturday, June 25th, beginning at 6 p.m. and going 'till you can't stand no more. This party is going to be crazier than ever with an all-star line-up of entertainment including Fusion, The Raspas, Herbin' Pipeline, Vellocet, and of course Kingsville's own booty bumpin' sensations who know how to throw a crazy ass reggae party -- Monkies mutherfunkin' Doin' It. We're starting this party early with Fusion @ 6 p.m. The first 25 guests (21 and up) will get a sweet ass doorprize. Awesome music, kicking bbq with all the trimmings prepared by Chef Allen Zapalac and Smokey Joe, flavorful drinks for all, plenty of friends, doorprizes, booze raffles, and an acoustic jam sometime after midnight for everyone drunk enough to strut their stuff -- what more do you want for just $5? Just follow the directions to the Ruelas Ranch for a skank-a-licious GOOD TIME!!!!

May 28, 2005

NEW! NEW! NEW! New Shows have been posted to the Shows page. Band biography has been updated and now includes links to newspaper articles featuring MDI. New links added to some of our favorite bands and venues. Under the Music section, you can now view the track listings to each of MDI's albums and compilations. And coming soon.... downloadable versions of the old songs and 3 unmastered songs from the upcoming album Dirty Bay Reggae.

May 20, 2005

Due to conflict, our lovely singer Jose is taking a trip to Washington. MDI will be cancelling all shows from May 20th through May 28th. However, Justin Estes, our other lovely singer, will be covering our asses at Da Lizard Lounge this Saturday night (5-21)...we hope to see everyone out there to support him....Stay tuned...the site will be updated soon with future shows...Peace

May 1, 2005

Monkies Doin' It is working hard on bustin' out some new, original Dirty Bay Reggae songs and will have more info on the album soon! We would also like to hear what you guys think about a new cover song. All suggestions are welcome... Post your suggestion in the forum right now.


My bass was stolen from Dr. Rockits Blues Bar on 4/20. The description is as follows:

Red, 5-string Peavey foundation bass guitar with Fat albert stickers, Monkies Doin' It sticker, Feedback sticker, Snoopdogg sticker, PETA stickers, Carebears sticker, "I'm just one big fuckin' ray of Sunshine" sticker, Spongebob sticker on back of Bass. Also the second pickup is fuked and inside the pot, and the red paint is chipped on the back. The E-string tuning peg is also loose. Inside of torn gigbag with a red, white, and blue neck strap. This bass isn't worth much, except to me, since my mom bought it for me 13 years ago. MAJOR SENTIMENTAL VALUE. This is my BABY!!! Please help me out if you know any information to the where abouts of my bass please contact:

Sunshine @ 361-516-1685/ 361-595-7544/ 361-522-2404/or 361-720-1111 or sunshine@monkiesdoinit.com.

December 7, 2004

MDI is currently working on getting back into the studio to finish their self-titled debut album. We will be entering the studio in February, so your support is critical during these next few months. We would like to thank all of our friends, family, and fans, for giving us one long, crazy ass year, full of love and support. December 19th @ Dr. Rockits is going to be the last show of the year, so we hope to see everyone there to end this year of 2004 with a booty bumpin' bang. Peace!

As special thanks to everbody, we've posted a video slideshow of the Pedernales trip, featuring "Point of View" from the upcoming album. See it Here.

July 28, 2004

The members of MDI would like to thank everyone who helped them get to Pedernales Studio to record their first full length album. Special thanks to Steve Chadie, who engineered the album, Aaron the studio intern, and Rusty the housekeeper. Most of the recording process is finished, though MDI may return to record a few new parts, including trombone parts performed by the recently returned Ulrican Williams. Mixing for the album will be done by Steve Chadie. In the meantime, you can view pictures of the band in the studio in the Pics section. Thank you for your patience.

July 4, 2004

The members of MDI would like to thank all of the supporters of the MDI BBQ & Music Benefit Bash II, inluding all of our fans, Mr.& Mrs.Ciro Ruelas, Mr.& Mrs.Flores, Ms. Sandra Cantu, Mongie's Mom, Erica Ruiz, Stephie Ruelas, Sean the doorman, Nigel from Art Techniques, Roy's Hobbies, Adrian Sepulveda, Drifted, Four State Fade, Entropy, and DJ FAB. With the help and donations from everyone we have raised enough money to record our self-titled July CD recording at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio. Thanx so much for the continued support, and hope to see yall at our CD release party in the future...PEACE...

Monkies Doin It is sponsored by Budweiser: King of Beers.